Take the most original photo with the Mammoth and get gifts from Rasines!

Come visit the Mammoth of the Valley Cave Park and take a photo to upload to Instagram using the hashtag #RASINESHISTORICO 

Originality counts! The most original photographs will have a gift for sure!

Warning: It is strictly forbidden to climb the mammoth or perform any act that deteriorates the figure or the surroundings of the Cueva del Valle Park, under penalty.

Competition rules:

  • To participate you just have to take an original photo with the Rasines Mammoth and upload it to your instagram profile with the hashtag #RASINESHISTORICO
  • The deadline for the contest will be April 20, 2021. The winners of the contest will be announced through our social networks and website. Stay tuned!
  • Nos pondremos personalemnte en contacto con la persona que gane el concurso para anunciarle su premio.
  •  The contest prize will be announced shortly.
  • Once you upload the photograph, it will appear on our website. reserves the right to use said images in order to promote the contest as well as the municipality and to publicize the winners and participants of the same.